How Shamere Young Beauty Got Started

January 2, 2022 I wrote the complete outline to a plan that would allow me to help women with their beauty routine. I had it on my vision board to expand on what I was good at, which is wellness and beauty.

Literally I felt like this was a no brainer since I had been a makeup artist for over 8 years, who's been teaching virtual in in person classes just as long. I’d recently realized that teaching is my jam, so The Virtual Beauty College it is.

The vision: Create a virtual college, membership based, where beauty lovers on any level in beauty, can come and learn on their level.

I was super determined not to let go of the vision this time. 10 years prior I had a great idea to start a beauty brand focusing on teaching women how to wear lashes and have a lash subscription service with it.

I got scared and let it go.

This time, I wasn’t doing the same thing, so I then went to work on a beauty plan for each beauty level, rough draft of the certificates, and by early March I had recorded with two different models.

I was on a roll. 

Aand then.....everything began to slow down. Wait I’m lying. It wasn’t a slow down, it started to crumble in every area.

It was like I was feeling the curse Ceily sent for Mister.

I was becoming so flustered and one morning during my morning time I just cried out to God, “why isn’t this working? I created the plan, I’m doing the work, but things aren’t aligning.”

Clear as day, God said “ because it's your plan, not mine.” 

Now I’m looking crazy, like…..

I honestly wasn’t expecting a response so clear and immediate, but after I shook off the weirdness/doubt I was feeling, I started to converse with God.

Each morning for weeks it was a vivid conversation that was pushing me to a territory that I hadn’t planned on being in. And it was rough because I kept having a rebuttal to what I was being told.

For everything I had a rebuttal for, God had an answer for.

I finally relinquished and just started listening and executing.

During the quiet time that God had me sit in while getting started, I learned so much more about myself and my current purpose in this beauty industry.

Oh and the juicy part of this is….. as God gave me the outline, he also gave me clear instructions not to discuss our plans with NO ONE. Nope not even my bestie. I legit asked to be able to tell my husband.

Outside of the 3 of us, no one knew about Shamere Young Beauty being created.

For months I worked in silence, still being present on the wellness coach and beauty advisor end, and saying nothing about beauty products coming.

It wasn’t until July of 2022 that I got God’s approval, and started dropping hints of what was to come soon….Shamere Young Beauty. I shared why the collections where named after real people and what it signified. 

On September 5, 2022 our first 3 collections went live, and it was an amazing night. A night I will always remember.

The process of opening Shamere Young Beauty taught me that it’s important for me to seek God in ALL things. It saves frustration for sure. Besides, he makes them bigger and better anyway.

And he doesn't always want or need us to tell others/get feedback because it can lead to unnecessary distractions. 

Thanks for reading how we got and feel free to comment with any questions or feedback.


Your favorite beauty advisor, 


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