SocaCize Monthly Pass Policy

SocaCize monthly passes that are purchased on auto-subscription, will be charged at the beginning of each month.

Once a monthly pass is purchased, participants will receive an email confirming purchase of the pass, along with instructions on getting into classes that are desired to attend. Please ensure that is marked as a safe sender so that you are in receipt of all emails. 

Participants must complete a Par'Q form and waiver, before participating in their FIRST SocaCize class. This only has to be completed once, unless it has been more than 60 days since your last SocaCize class. 

If these forms are not completed, participants will not be allowed into class. 

Scheduling Class

Participants with a monthly pass must select and register for their own classes. Shamere will not register participants for the classes. 

Participants will use their own unique code to enter at checkout when registering for class.

Class schedule for SocaCize can be found at

With your month pass, you will have the ability to take as many SocaCize classes as you desire. Shamere will ensure to offer at least 8 classes per month.


Cancellation Policy

Monthly passes that are on auto-subscription can be canceled by the participant. Participants must initiate cancellation at least 10 days before the next monthly payment is due. If a participant runs into any issues, just email hello@shamereyoung.comfor assistance. 

Please allow 48 business hours for return email.