20 Minute Makeup Routine

This is for my beauties who want to master a quick makeup routine. 

There are 3 things that you need that aren't in this video, so please make sure you read this first. 

1. Check your products. Are they up to date or expired? Does the concealer or foundation shade still match you or no? 

2. What have you mastered in your routine already? Is it blending foundation/concealer, applying mascara, your brows, etc. Whatever you have mastered should definelty be in your routine and what you do the most until you build in the other areas.

3. Keep using your products and practice on your weaker areas. You will not get better by thinking about the process or watching, but you will get better and faster by doing. 💋💋💜


I live for a Quick face most days, so I was happy to let my camera run while doing my normal routine. If you have any questions, please comment below.

Keep it cute and don't come for my hair...ummmkay!! :)

Products used all from Shamere Young Beauty:

  • Brow wax
  • Sonya brow pencil
  • Rumell gel eyeliner pencil in Purple
  • Orange color corrector
  • Chocolate concealer
  • Butternut & Brown Orche setting powder
  • Perfect Canvas primer
  • Perfect Finish setting spray
  • Xiomara eyeshadow palette
  • j'Lea highlighter in Dusk
  • Purpose lux creme matte lipstick

Music: Yugen

Musician: Jeff Kaale


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