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Kafi Cream Blush

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Brighten up your cheeks with our neutral rose with shimmer (very soft)  Kafi cream blush! With a small amount of shimmer inside to give you the perfect light reflection on your cheeks.

This luxurious cream-based formula is perfect for adding a subtle glow of color to the face.

Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Paraben Free, this blush is perfect for any beauty lover.

Let your cheekbones shine!

Customer Reviews

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A. Dyer
Shimmer Shine Cheeks

I am just loving this Kafi Cream Blush that will give a your cheeks a neutral finish with a little pop of shimmer. I also like that I can use it in multiple ways on my face. If you are afraid of colors on your cheeks, Kafi Cream Blush would be a great color to start with. I love that this blush is a cream finish because it goes on so smoothly on your face.