What is SocaCize?


A creative blend of authentic Caribbean and African dance techniques, in harmony with effective fitness moves, resulting in a unique, non-judgmental, and exhilarating dance fitness program.

SocaCize was founded by Ayanna Lee-Rivears, dancer, fitness instructor, teacher and choreographer, and native of Trinidad and Tobago.

Her mission is to empower every Reveler to positively impact their mental, social, and physical being through the FLAUNT lifestyle.

F. L. A. U. N. T
Feel good, Look good, Attitude, Unleash, Nice up yourself, Take time for U

Join a JAM session so you can experience the fun of the fete! Here what others have said thus far!


Pamela Z.

That was the most fun I have had working our in YEARS!!! My whole entire body was worked out. If you have never taken a SocaCize Class this is what you need. The instructor Shamere Young was amazing with her explanation of the exercise, the benefit of the movement and the demonstration of the correct format.

P.S. This is my new exercise forum.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


Samara D.
Dancing to soca

I had so much fun dancing with soca music. Shamere makes it fun and shows the moves before each dance. She also gives you alternative moves. it doesn't feel like a workout until you are done. it's a great time every time I attend her class.


Jenifer S.
SocaCize Class

I ABSOLUTELY love the class. You work your whole body. She shows you modified versions if you have LIMITED mobility. Music is great. JUST HAVE FUN