Membership Policy - Queens Beauty Lounge


Queens Beauty Lounge is a monthly membership that gives women access to live monthly beauty classes. Membership access is subscription based and is charged monthly, at the 1st of every month. 

If you join anytime after the 15th, you will be given a 50% discount, and then the regular membership fee on the 1st of next month. 

Classes will be scheduled and members will receive at minimum a 10 day notice. 

Membership can be canceled at any time with a 10 day notice. 

If you stop your membership, you can return at any time but you will only have access to present classes and not past ones. 

During the time of vacations or personal events where a class will not be live for the month, a pre-recorded class will be sent in lieu of a live class. 

Queens Beauty Lounge is a safe space, therefore any conduct that the owner, Shamere Young, deems disrespectful, or derogatory to any member or the owner,  will result in immediate cancellation of membership, and members will not be allowed to return. Membership fee will not be refunded.

If any intellectual or personal content or information that is  shared within the Queens Beauty Lounge is found to be shared outside of the beauty lounge without permission from owner or a member, immediate removal and cancellation of membership will take place.