Shades of Beauty: Celebrating Iconic Makeup Trends Inspired by Black Culture

Hey beauties! 

We're getting into the colorful world of makeup trends that not only have us looking good but feeling fabulous, thanks to the rich influence of Black culture.

From bold lips that speak volumes to a glow that’s all about natural beauty, we're here to celebrate it all. 


1. Bold Lip Colors That Talk Back

Picture this, ya'll: Bold, unapologetic lip colors that scream confidence.

We're talking about the bold and vibrant lip colors, think of the electrifying reds, deep purples, and even the daring blues and greens that have become staples in makeup collections.


This trend?

Oh, it's been rocked and owned by Black beauties long before it hit the mainstream. Deeply rooted in Black culture, signifying confidence and self-expression.

Icons like Grace Jones and Diana Ross didn't just wear makeup; they made bold statements with their lips, breaking conventional norms and inspiring a beauty movement that encourages individuality and boldness in today's makeup trends.

Why I Love It: Because every shade tells a story of strength, resilience, and pure joy. It's all about expressing who you are, without saying a word.

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2. Glowing, Dewy Skin - The Ultimate Beauty Statement

Next up, let's talk glow. But not just any glow—the kind that looks like you've been kissed by the sun and hydrated by the deepest waters. This trend celebrates healthy, radiant skin, a staple in Black beauty culture.

The emphasis on healthy, glowing skin has been a cornerstone in Black beauty, long before it became a hashtag trend.

This trend is all about celebrating skin's natural glow and enhancing it with products that offer a dewy, radiant finish. It's deeply tied to the cultural value placed on well-moisturized, cared-for skin, reflecting a holistic approach to beauty.

Today, the pursuit of that luminous, fresh-faced look is ubiquitous, with brands developing products to help achieve that coveted glow, thanks to the influence of Black beauty standards.

Why I Love It: It's real, it's natural, and it shows the world that beauty shines brightest from within.

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3.Graphic Eyeliner: The Eyes Have It

Graphic eyeliner isn't just makeup; it's a mood. It's about turning your eyes into a canvas and telling a story with every flick and curve.

From the bold, dramatic wings to intricate designs, graphic eyeliner has roots in Black culture's history of using eye makeup as a form of self-expression and protection, harking back to ancient Egypt.


This trend has evolved into a modern beauty staple, with makeup artists and enthusiasts drawing inspiration to create bold, artistic looks that make the eyes the focal point. 

Why I Love It: This trend gives a nod to the rich history and creativity in Black culture, where eyes have always been a focal point for self-expression.

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4.Gold Highlighter: Shine Like Royalty

Last but definitely not least, let's bask in the glory of gold highlighter. This trend is all about illuminating your features and bringing that regal, radiant vibe to your everyday look.

The use of gold highlighter to accentuate features is deeply ingrained in Black beauty rituals, symbolizing radiance, luxury, and the sun-kissed glow of African and Caribbean landscapes.

This trend has transcended cultural boundaries to become a global makeup must-have, influencing the development of products designed to mimic the warm, flattering glow of gold on various skin tones.

Why I Love It: It reminds us of the warmth and richness of African and Caribbean landscapes, and who doesn't want to look and feel like sunshine?

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Ya'll, these trends are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the profound impact Black culture has had on the beauty industry. 

It's a celebration of heritage, creativity, and the ongoing influence of Black beauty standards that continue to shape and inspire global beauty trends. 

Each of these trends not only makes us look fab but carries a piece of history, a story of culture, and a message of beauty in all its forms.

Let's keep celebrating and uplifting these contributions, beauties, because they're truly iconic.

Don't be shy!

Drop your thoughts below, share your fave looks on Instagram/Facebook and tag us, or even suggest what beauty adventures we should explore next.

The world of beauty is vast and vibrant, and together, we make it even more beautiful.

See ya later beautiful!



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