Say It How You Need Statement - Peacock Colorway

Hey Heyyyy! 

If you are here on this blog post, you either want to know more about this statement tee OR you want to know what a peacock colorway is, OR both. 

Either way, lets get into it. 

So I decided to start having at least ONE unique color combo when we release statement apparel, even if it is a re-released statement.

That touch allows me to share how I see the world, in full beautiful color. The name Peacock being attributed to the animal full of vibrant colors which is also apart of the Shamere Young logo. 

The Peacock Colorway for Say It How You Need is our Strobe & Purple color combo.

Strobe is a beautiful merging of the colors yellow & green, which as colors are often connected to LOVE (green) and CONFIDENCE (yellow). Purple foil adding the shine and pop with the color purple being connected to ROYALTY, POWER, and INTUITION. 

This color combo is designed to empower you to confidently trust the use of your NO. To use your no however you need to practice self-care. 

Whether you grab this color combo or another, I hope you remember how beneficial it is for you to use your NO so you can say YES to yourself. 

Much Love, 


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This is one of my favorite statements and I’m in love with this Peacock Colorway.

Shannon R

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