Full Face NO Foundation look!

Foundation is great, but it is not a must in order to have a nice enhanced beauty look. I always get asked how, and here is how I do MY face.
Our multi-purpose concealer has been getting the job done for me the entire year (2023). I've only worn foundation 3 times since posting this video.
Concealers can be found here - https://www.shamereyoung.com/collections/concealer
Setting powders can be found here - https://www.shamereyoung.com/products/shamere-young-beauty-loose-setting-powder
Hope you enjoyed the video and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.
Music - Mornings Musician - Jeff Kaale

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Girl that was nice, but it takes time. How can I make simpler by not doing all the steps.

Jessie h henderson

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